Posted date: 18/September/2010

Two veterans – Madhukar Belakawadi and Maruthi Raj – both assistant directors now return in ‘Cindrella’ Kannada cinema as director and producer respectively.

Madhuakr Belakawadi in his debut direction (he has another film left in the middle) is focusing on a pure love story with music as mainstay with six songs. He has made a good screenplay and it is up to date he says with confidence. One has to agree fort his because Madhukar has worked with giants like Siddalingaiah, S Narayan, Vijaya Reddy, Somashekar, KV Raju and others. Obviously he has generated good experience and altered his thoughts suit the present scenario. Heroine character has resemblance to ‘Cindrella’ so I have kept this title says Madhukar. This has nothing to do with ‘Cindrella’ of the stage play.

Maruthiraj in the direction department like Madhukar since 1982 has also produced a film ‘Prema Sethuve’ in 1996 and burnt his fingers. He moved to business of JCB from its operation in Karnataka and started a company MRS Movers. He is investing from his JCB business Rs.1.25 crore because his other area of business real estate did not fetch him profits. He lost what he earned there he says.

Akshay who is also known as Abhay son of producer Venkatappa of ‘Ganga Cauvery’ is trying his hands in a love story after he found a bad beginning his father film. I have heard the screenplay and liveliness of it he says that made him to approve this film. He plays a rich guy in this play and behind the dream girl that is yet to be selected for the film.

Sushma slip of the tongue told that she has acted in an award movie ‘Madhura Prema’ that is directed by Asma Bano who was assistant director in ‘Dubai Babu’. When asked which award she stated that the film is not yet released.

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