Posted date: 11 Sat, Dec 2021 09:06:50 AM
Duration – 145 minutes, Category – Family thriller, Score – 4/5

Title – DRISHYA 2, Producers – Mukesh Mehta, Zee Studios, CV Sarathy, Direction – P Vasu, cinematography – GSV Seetharam, Music – Ajanish Lokanath, Cast – Dr Ravichandra V, Navya Nayar, Anant Nag, Sadhu Kokila, Pramod Shetty, Asha Sharath, Shivaji Prabhu, Sonu Gowda, Shivaramanna, Sampath, Yethiraj, Arohi, Unnathi, Lasya Nagaraj, Narayanaswamy, Krishna Hebbal and others.

All those who have seen 2014 Drishya, must watch this 2021 Drishya 2. The level of intelligence in the writer of the original script Jeethu Joseph is so fine. The first half keeps you engaged for the sentiment factors and as the interval point comes the audience get set for something startling because Rajendra Ponnappa says to his family members of three – wife and two children that nothing will happen to them.

After seven year of the first film Drishya,  this Jeethu Joseph story has created another stunner on the silver screen with a new outlook.

Dr Ravichandra V from this crazy star has given his best and how he safeguard his family of wife and two children grown up today is something impeccable. Drishya 2 in continuation ace director P Vasu checks every frame with skilled thinking especially in the second half.
The high point when the body of Tarun Chandra is dug out from the police station keeps the audience on the edge of the seat.  This is no doubt an engaging film for the family.

As the book of Drishya published and exchange of ramnanta from a digged place finally gives a sigh of relief.  The fighters for the body of Tarun Chandra console as the immersion rights are held at the end.  That is also a signal that there will be no sequel to Drishya further.  

Crazy star Dr Ravichandra V (from this film a change in name) has lived the role with caution and care. He earns a maximum of marks for his method of covering the family. Navya Nair is lively, Arohi Narayan is best in her timid role, Unnathi is perfect, Pramod Shetty has given a brilliant performance, Shivaramanna haunts, Sampath is perfect, Yethiraj has given a good support, Sonu Gowda precise argument in the courtroom, Shivaji Prabhu and Asha Sharath gives best performance.

One song of Ajanish Lokanath arrives at the right time with meaning; GSV Seetharam Ustad in cinematography gives memorable frames and a good mood for the film.

In the editing department, some of the scenes could have been chopped to make it even more crisp and tidy.

Drishya 2 is a film made with intelligence, interest and immense social responsibility. Do not miss this one. 
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