Posted date: 1/July/2010

The day full of hullabaloo on the title ‘Vishnuvardhana’ controversy has finally resulted in tomorrow morning going with a title of Production No 48 at Abbainaidu Studio.

The veteran of Kannada cinema Dwarakish with a long career as producer, director and actor has made it firm that he is going to give it in writing that he would not tarnish the image of Dr Vishnuvardhana but increase his reputation. Yee Dwarakish endhu Vishnuge Masi baleyo Kelsa madalla. Tomorrow morning I am keeping Vishnuvardhana atop the throne. This film ‘Vishnuvardhana’ is not a biography on the superstar. He is my Vishnu I have traveled with him for long. I am not disrespecting him at any cost. In my film Sudeep is the ardent fan of Vishnuvardana and incidentally his father has kept his name as Vishnuvardhana. In the dream of the protagonist there is a strong statement that he would shine like Raja Vishnuvardhana of Hoysala dynasty. In no way this film would belittle the prestige of Dr Vishnu promises Mahakulla of Karnataka Dwarakish.

Reacting sharply Dr Bharathi Vishnuvardhana wife of the late superstar said I would not allow this title to go with the film of Dwarakish. I know him well. He is not doing out of affection. He is making business. He is grabbing the opportunity. What does he know about my husband? I would not allow this title. I would not give anyone to keep this title for anyone. Today all these things I am not talking. My husband is making me to talk. The fans of Dr Vishnuvardhana would look in to it if anything goes wrong I am not responsible said Smt Bharath Vishnuvardhana.

Actor Sudeep feels very shabby on the whole episode. Even today no invitation is printed. I would not allow Smt Bharathi madam to get depressed. It will not be disturbing to her. It is only a few houses I would go with affection. The story is good and title is also suitable. In cast Madam is not happy we would work out amicably on this issue.

Meanwhile KFCC President Basanthkumar Patil has cautioned Dwarakish not to hurt the sentiments of Smt Bharathi Vishnuvardhana. Firstly Dwarakish has not registered the title at KFCC and now with all these things he has to take no objection certificate from Bharathi Vishnuvardhanaji he made it very clear.

Tomorrow is the day of launch of the film in the morning at Abbainaidu studio. At 10 am the film goes on the floor and entire film media is there to discuss more about the film.

Watch in www.chitratara.com more about the controversy and what goes on tomorrow will be reported to our surfers in an unbiased way.

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