Posted date: 20/March/2009

The long standing ambition of the one of the prides of Kannada cinema dynamic hero Devaraj to take up direction will be in the fag end of this year 2009. Eking out time to prepare the script one of the touching subjects Devaraj feels as of now the film is very emotional and he does not want the debut direction to be like ‘Huliya’ a charged up emotional film that got rave reviews for him.
Here are the excerpts of a chat with dynamic hero Devaraj at the ‘Meshtru’ audio release:

  • As of now life is going on smoothly. I intend to take up the thread of an English novel for direction. I am still working out. I have not picked anyone for the cast and surely my son Prajwal not suit the age group of 16 to18 of my subject.
  • I will not force anybody to my script.
  • I can choose subject and give it to Prajwal. But when it comes to execution, I can't help him in any way. As for as success and failures are concerned nobody can predict. Off late he is also selecting the subjects on his own.
  • Ghulama was made on the editing table. I told director Thushan Ranganath that it will not work like this. The screenplay order was very confusing. But he was pretty confident about what he was doing. He gave me some examples in this regard. I didn't have any other go than to remain silent.
  • Superman is once again a risky bet. The character has some grey shades. But it has a classy story. I don't how they will execute.
  • It’s very important to leave egoism in this film for the betterment of the project. I and Sunil Kumar Desai used to discuss and fight a lot about the film. But ultimately it was only to do with the film.
  • I m really not interested in politics. Many parties had approached me when I was in the peak. But I had refused it. Even though I campaigned last time, it was only for Ambareesh.


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