Posted date: 16 Thu, Jun 2022 01:33:28 PM

K S Vasu

The Ajathashatru of Kannada cinema today is Dr Shivarajakumar. With many coveted awards, honors and 36 years of career Karunada Chakravarthy Dr Shivarajakumar enters 60 in the month on July 11 and his much expected film ‘Bairagi’ is hitting silver screen on July 1st 2022.

In a chat with media friends at his Nagavara residence the humble and simple personality Shivanna answered many questions. Here are the excerpts.

·         Let us not make statues, do Pooja to my brother idol. When Appaji passed away I did not like this method. Appu, my fond brother, was always jovial and happy. We should remember him in a similar way. His ‘Athma’ is somewhere around. He should not feel bad for ‘Gandhada Kaddi’ prayers and all. Love and affection should be with Josh. I avoid going to such programs because I feel odd and we always go on remembering his achievements. When I say things like these fans should not feel bad. For me he has not gone.

·         For Bairaagi there is an event in Charamajanagara on June 24, there will be a roadshow from Ramanagara to Mysyuru.

·         In November ‘Veda’ is coming up. Like how Appu spread his interests by PRK banner, I am also following him in expanding business.

·         I have a lovely film with Arjun Janya 100 film music director is turning directors. The subject is very attractive. Next year it is launching. 

·         As of now I have agreed for Rockline productions Yogaraj Bhat direction. I am with Prabhudeva. After Veda completion I would join this team.

·         I am not celebrating 60th birthday on July 11. My brother Appu`s departure pain does not allow me for any such celebration. Had he been alive, he would have chalked a celebration. I am keeping it very low on July 11.

·         Turning his attention to Shakthi Dhama Shivanna said actor Ravishanker Gowda introduced one lady who came forward to donate complete property for it. I said no. The lady further said I am alone in life so she is donating it. I asked her to do charity on her own. Taking property of another is not the right approach.

·         Actor Vishal is in touch. I have told him to come and see Shakthi Dhama. He should get clarity and then we can think about it.

·         In the food industry students of Shakthi Dhama are progressing. At least 200 of them would get a right to livelihoods. We are having school for Shakthi Dhama.

·         A film with Rajanikanthji is discussed but final agreement has not taken place. I wish to act in other languages.

·         For newcomers I wish good luck always. We don`t know who has the potential in this field.

·         With Appaji as a permanent admirer, I always thought of Kamal Haasan and Amitabh Bachchan. I never imitated them but admired their work. 

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