Posted date: 20/March/2010

The 1990 written 1992 published novel of top rated novelist Usha Navarathnaram ‘Neenyarigadheyo’ is ‘Tharangini’ Kannada cinema in the direction of Srinivas Kaushik.

Starring Mohan, Tejaswini, BC Patil, Abijith, Srinivasamurthy, Dattanna, Shobaraj and others this film throws light on the ill effects of effluents thrown out by the factories.

Actor, writer and director Mohan playing the lead role is excited about the concept of the film that was well thought by novelist Usha Navarathnaram in the 90’s. The poisoning of environment is happening even today. The high point is the ‘Paschathapa’ my role does after selling my land to a factory that spills out poison to the water. The film also focus that it is not easy for one persons to fight against the system says Mohan. The research work and knowledge acquired by director Kaushik is tremendous he said.

Thejaswini is in the role of investigative journalist. She finds the going tough from her collection of facts and supports the protagonist who returns from abroad to take up the case. Abijit plays half a day role for this film as corrupt lawyer.

‘Tharangini’ the name of the river like ‘Jeeva Nadhi’ is at the post production stage. MS Maruthi has scored the music for this film.

Auditor Srinivas is also one of the producers of this film. He has been auditor to many film houses and personalities in his long career. He has produced ‘Ardhangi’ in the past. He is the son in law of actor Direndra Gopal. Sri Parameshwari Arts DB Kumaraswamy producers of Putti, Kalleshi Malleshi, Jedara Bale, Huchchi etc the joint producer plans to release the film in April 2010.

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