Posted date: 14 Sun, Nov 2021 11:05:03 AM

K S Vasu

A break up song for girls with alcohol is the new thought of Jogi Prem, successful director of Kannada cinema for ‘Ek Love Ya’ produced by Rakshita Film Factory – the launch pad of Raana.

The peppy song set in the bar background ‘Ennegu Hennigu….third song of the film to release in Arjun Janya composition is sung by Mangli and Khailash Kher – the song was screened at a posh hotel and as usual Shreyas Media conducted the event and made it live.

The third song release event was filled with fun as anchor Akul Balaji inviting Rakshita Prem, good looking heroines Sukrutha Wagle, Meghana Gaonkar, Nishwika Naidu, Grishma and Rachita Ram – Adhiti Prabhudeva joined later and singer Mangli in the event asked one particular question ‘Have you encountered break up in life and what you have done at that time’.

While a few said ‘Lovve Agilla’…it is one way disclosed, another heroine said it is two times break up for her and there was silence too for this question, playback singer Mangli wondered what this question was and asked Arjun Janya what is all about. Akul Balaji explained her in Telugu language.

Coming to the serious part, music director Arjun Janya said music is attached to director Prem so well. I have not done anything, he got all the work done from me. Rakshita Prem always stands at the time of difficulty. This is a musical cinema, we have done recording in Hungary, and a huge amount was spent without second thought for this film.

Director Prem speaking on this occasion said Raana is a dedicated and hard working hero. We have got lyrics from Vijay, Gavai mentor and Manju for the other three songs. I have written three songs. Arjun Janya and Mahendra Simha are two heroes of this film who complimented ace director Prem and gave his own observation for ‘Break Up’ at the event.

Rakshita Prem, producing this film in Rakshita film factory, said my mother Mamata Rao is the main pillar for this film and all credit goes to mother she said.

Actor Raana thanking everyone for great support used a very good sense for the prank of anchor Akul Balaji. When a rose was handed over to him to give it to one on the stage, Raaja took the petals and handed it over to all the good looking heroines present on the dais.

Ek Love Ya is set for release on January 21, 2022 stated the clips shown at this time. 

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