Posted date: 25/June/2010

Even if I am offered a film in the direction of top ranking Girish Kasaravalli I have to look at my market and content the challenging star Darshan explained in a quick reaction.

Doing a film with Girishji is fine but I cannot go back in my market demand. Other wise I have to start from zero Darshan explained politely on a combination of him with golden Lotus four times winner Girish Kasaravalli.

An ardent animal lover with twenty plus horses, ostrich, peacock in his farm house Darshan has adopted a baby elephant recently in Mysore Jayachamarajendra Zoo for one year.

The ‘Prince’ in the making, ‘Chingari’ ‘Sangolli Rayanna’ in the offing and ‘Boss’ of box office Darshan is having a fine career in 38 films in 10 years as hero from ‘Majestic’. Darshan has ‘Shourya’ a sister sentiment ready for release.

On Friday 25th June in Mysore Sandesh Nagaraj ‘Prince’ is going on the floor and ‘Boss’ is in cold storage because of producer problems. Darshan has not dubbed four reels of the film.

What about the home banner film from Toogudeepa Productions, What happened to the book he planned with other villain sons?

Toogudeepa production next venture is only next year and the book on his father Toogudeepa Srinivas is yet to get ready. Other villains of Kannada film sons are not in tune with Darshan is only getting delayed. I cannot go alone and bring a book on my father. They would get hurt says Darshan.

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