Posted date: 10/November/2010

The veteran actor Shivaramanna has constructed a joke recently and fed it to this journalist. ‘I am the regular visitor and visited highest number of times’ – what and where – to Banashankeri Crematorium said Shivaramanna suddenly. As of now he is getting ready to go to Shabari Malai temple in the next month and not even to IFFI in Goa.

When Shivaramanna went with our beloved journalist PGS body with others there was no rush in the crematorium. The man in charge of the crematorium came suddenly and said you are the frequent and highest number of visits you have made in fact perplexed Shivaramanna.

That might be a fact says Shivaramanna but when the Banashankeri Crematorium employee said ‘Khali Khali nowadays sir….Shivaramanna asked him do you expect me to bring bodies to your crematorium in a lighter vein.

Shivaramanna visited Banashanker Crematorium twenty five days ago when his elder brother died. Another relative died made his attendance in very quick times.

Shivaramanna elder brother Ramnath is busy in Mumbai making preparation for one of his Hindi film releases.

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