Posted date: 31/May/2010

You want to see and know how the 1985 zamana was? Come to this year Ganesh festival time to ‘Vinayaka Geleyara Balaga’. You would not only look 25 years ago the life but many more interesting elements which Dr Nagendra Prasad is packing in his directorial venture. He is co producer with Pampathy for ‘Vinayaka Geleyara Balaga’.

Dr Nagendra Prasad intention is clear. History is not dead stock for him. History could avoid any mystery happening to the present generation. One would know how the situation prevailed from this kind of period cinema. He has purchased even the then currency notes and coins worth Rs.5000 to suit the situations. Bell bottom pants with zips, collars in the shirts, the gallies, no telephone books, no gadgets, nimbe huli pepper mint available at five paisa (now Ravalgon is available at 50 paisa), the boties (fried crispy ones) not colored ones, the buildings, the roads… many he is cautiously working out with his team especially art director Hosmane Murthy. Murthy has gone to various newspapers offices to take stock of the period belongings.

The purpose of making is to show how the Ganesha festival was conducted in those days. There is a line of truth in the script arrived by Dr Nagendra Prasad. For that he has added period and loaded with imaginary narration.

Five boys – Vijaya Raghavendra, Naveen Krishna, Manish, Pratap and Petrol Prasanna go for the annual Ganesha festival in their small colony. What transform from the day one they get ready for ‘Chandha Vasooli’ is interesting to watch.

It is not only ‘Chandha Kelalu Hodha Menege Chandamama Thangi’ finding for Vijaya Raghavendra but the politics, rowdy culture prevailing all crop up one by one in the screenplay and direction of Nagendra Prasad.

The interesting to watch will be the ‘Gana Homa’ with all the artists and technicians plus 2000 extras taking part in that 108 Ganesha Idols will be offered Pooja and then immersed in the style that is very near to real life.

The challenge is not going back to 25 years ago but for the first hero of the film Safety Prakash brother of Anaji Nagaraj who is holding the 35 to 40 kilograms of steady camera and running wherever the director is asking him. This is the first steady cam film in the history of Indian cinema of 117 years says Prasad.

Shobaraj looked ironed his hair style from Haralenne plays protective father to two girls. Meghana Gaonkar in ‘Langa Blouse’ costume looked very traditional. She is the first daughter of Shobaraj. Meghana is guarded so well that she cannot lift her head in her colony.

Vijay Raghavendra feels happiness in the work that is difficult to find according to him. Naveen Krishna has immensely liked the style of direction of Dr Nagendra Prasad. Pratap, Manish, Petrol Prasanna are unemployed fans doing different kind of roles. There is Uma who was student of Dr Nagendra Prasad in the cast.

10 days of shoot has been completed in Doddaballapur. The team of VGB has changed the small lanes in Doddaballapur in Ele Pete so that it look 1985 of Prakash Nagar where Nagendra Prasad was residing and conducting Ganesha festival for 12 years.

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