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Producer Ramesh Reddy (Nangli) has every reason to smile because of his finest catch of the Yogaraj Bhat team and also because of the third song of ‘Galipata 2’ given signal of success. The first song of ‘Galipata 2’ on examinations, second one a romantic song and now the third one is received well.


The ‘Ra’ has become ‘La’ in the lyrics of this film sung very well by Vijayaprakash. This song was released at Kalavidhara Bhavana a few days ago.


The third song of ‘Galipata 2’ set for release on 12th of August is in Anand Audio youtube making good sound. Yogaraj Bhat penned this song and Arjun Janya scores the music.


For Yogaraj Bhat the first reaction for the song came from Arjun Janya. For starting lines Devre Devre…Arjun Janya said it is ordinary and something special he suggested. Then it became ‘Devle Devle…


This particular song was shot at the peak of CoronaVirus at Kajakisthan that too at the lockdown situation. We wanted snow for this film so we went to such a place and producer Ramesh Reddy made it possible remembered Yogaraj Bhat addressing. He thanked his team members for tolerating the cold atmosphere at the time of shoot.


Golden star Ganesh thanked producer Ramesh Reddy for taking care at the Covid time and such wonderful support we got from the producer. When I first heard the song I was apprehensive. Hearing it again and again I became a fan of this song Devle Devle…the addition of Vijayaprakash voice, Arjun Janya music, Santosh Rai Pathaje camera work, Dhanu Master dance enriched the song quality, says GG.


My journey in the combination of Yogaraj Bhat and Ganesh started from ‘Kavithe Kavithe….in Galipata first part and in second part too via Devle Devle…song. I sang this one in half an hour.  My songs for Yogaraj Bhat have made good popularity even in the past. I expect the same for this song said Vijayaprakash.


Century films as music director Arjun Janya recalled how Ra became La in the song. Vijayaprakash sung it beautifully. I am listening to Galipata 2 songs again and again and informed Arjun Janya.


Producer Ramesh Reddy remembered catching his first international flight to Kazhakisthaan to watch the song shooting. Looking at the team working in extreme cold I was moved and thanked everyone he stated.


Actors Diganth, Pavan Kumar, Sharmila Mandre, Sudha Belawadi, cinematographer Santosh Rai Pathaje, dance director Dhanu, Anand Audio Shyam present at the ‘Devle Devle…song release event.

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