Posted date: 21/October/2009

Looking at the top actor from very close angles appreciating his down to earth simplicity and urge for shaping up the film veteran journalist has seen challenging star Darshan with great attitudes. That has in fact made him to call him as Darshan Sir but Darshan politely rejects that affixing of Sir. He urged Ganesh Kasargodji to call him just Darshan in future.

As a discerning journalist whatever Ganesh Kasargod had seen closely as care taker of the film has put it before the media persons recently at Minerva Mills the last day of shooting of ‘Porkhi’.

In Switzerland the loss of Rs.3 lakh jewelry belonging to Darshan did not perturb him. He went ahead with the shooting. Darshan did not want to waste time on the lost jewelry. It did not belong to me it seems he quipped. Seeing at the peculiar three wheeler vehicle DArshan said ‘Mind Blowing’ and it was used for shoot at Switzerland.

‘Ede Thalli Helabahudhu among the other language films this Kannada version is fine in all ways’. The confidence was 100 percent in the beginning and it went up further by 50 percent says Ganesh Kasargod.

What the producer said on the first day Ganeshanna, I have kept up till now said Ganesh.

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