Posted date: 23 Tue, Nov 2021 01:31:33 PM

KVN Productions Venkat Narayan and his wife Nisha arrived in the Kannada film entertainment business with Golden star Ganesh, Nishwika Naidu, Surabhi and others starring Simple Suni directed from ‘Sakkath’ set for release on November 26  all over Karnataka.

Producer Venkat Narayan with his wife Nisha and children Kashvi (very brilliant child) and Siddarth addressed the media and the so cute Babu Kashvi telling ‘Sakkath is upholding the Truth’ earned very good applause. Producer Venkat Narayan, an avid film viewer of all languages, has made the leap into cinema entertainment because of his late brother who was so much interested in the cinema field. This is the way to remember my brother, says Venkat Narayan addressing the media. When the story was narrated, I visualized golden star Ganesh. With no pressure, we worked with team effort. Although Ganesh is the lead actor there is a key role for Rangayana raghu in this film ‘Sakkath’. He also disclosed his upcoming projects with Nikhil Kumaraswamy and Dhruva Sarja – Naveen and Manjoo are technicians for Nikhil Kumraswamy film while hat trick director Prem is directing Dhruva Sarja, a very popular actor today.

Director Suni, Golden star Ganesh, Nishwika Naidu, Surabhi, cinematographer Santosh Rai Pathaje, Rangayana Raghu, producers of Kannada filmdom Jack Manjunath, Ramesh Reddy, KA Suresh, Pushkar Mallikarjunaiah, Gangadhar, business head of the film Sakkath Supreeth, Anand Audio Shyam, producer Venkat Narayan another film By to Love heroine Srileela and a few others attended the pre release event. 

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