Posted date: 17/August/2010

The gate pass to Mussanje Mahesh has finally come. It is on his own he came out in the interest of the film ‘Cool’ says KFCC President Basanthkumar Patil on Monday morning addressing the media on the whole controversy.

With this golden star Ganesh will be directing the film ‘Cool’….Sakkath Hot Maga. The much sought after hero of Kannada cinema taking up direction at this young age is major development of his career.

It is a mutual agreement of getting out from the project although Basanthkumar Patil did not say like this it appeared so at the media briefing. KFCC with the two teams of producer and director discussed finally and gave a judgment. According to it the director Mussanje Mahesh for coming out from the ‘Cool’ film has been given the monetary benefit according to the guidelines of KFCC.

The KFCC President Patil also made it clear that here afterwards the two parties concerned will not speak on this subject.

Mahesh on persistence from media to explain his stand was ‘Gayab’ for twenty minutes to get approval of what he has to say from Directors Association President. The creativity clash started from the first day. Every shot I kept was not approved by cameraman Rathnavelu. I said something but he was doing something else. We did not jell. It is true before selecting me the cameraman was selected said Mahesh.

It is unfortunate thing but show must go on. It should not have happened. Let us not blow out of proportion. Every one has to do the assigned job. Liberty is given to everyone to work. As a captain he could have done everything but it did not workout says Shilpa Ganesh.

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