Posted date: 10/January/2010

The happy man glowing with extra energy as the first home production created ‘Charitrya’! within 10 days the film ‘Maleyali Jotheyali’ has given back the returns. The film is in profit today. In the A centers we have released – out of 42 theatres 38 theatres have completed 30 days screening. This is what makes ‘Ganesha Mahime Apaara’!

Golden Star Ganesh disagreed that he has not made himself free for his other producer films. It all depends on how the producer uses me. In ‘Maleyali Jotheyali’ my producer, my wife Shilpa has chalked out programs only after 25 days but before that I went for ‘Comedy Time’ as a promotional activity. In this case I was handling the similar program before coming to films. Every producer has his own perception. Putting hoardings and keeping quiet is not enough he has learnt from his experience.

The ‘Comedy Time’ has helped this film to reach he agrees. It has given 7.2 TRP the highest for Udaya channel and one crore and 80 lakh people used to watch this program is the statistics he provides. Ganesh rising to new level from ‘Maleyali Jotheyali’ says he is planning another love story for home banner in July this year. He has ‘Ullasa Utsaha’ ready to hit the screen. Then he is doing a film for Rehman of ‘Yajamana’ fame.

The second home banner film of Ganesh script work is in progress. The film will be once again a love story but with a difference.

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