Posted date: 12/February/2011

Later on Friday night at the get together party of ‘Kal Manja’ producer, distributor and exhibitor N Kumar has posed a challenge to director Vijalalakshmi Singh and producer Jai Jagdish to give him ‘Vaarevaah’ and he will make it a successful one.
In the history of Kannada cinema after the release and failure of a film in the box office no such challenge has been made.
N Kumar flowing with ideas in his mind on the development of the Kannada industry had a point to make such a challenge. Komalkumar and Bhavana Rao film ‘Vaarevaah’ I was observing from the first day. The first thing I told was to change the title for the film. They did not do so. Now with failure at the back for ‘Vaarevaah’ let the producer give me the rights of the film. I will make some alterations and release it. I am confident of making profit says N Kumar.
The three decades stint in the KFI has given rich experience for N Kumar. He does what he says is a known fact. He explains an example of his own film ‘Mysooru Huli’. After watching this film one of the important persons in the industry saw the film and said change the title of the film. The film was about to release in the next week. I postponed the release sat with director KV Raju and asked him to get new title for the film. ‘Mysooru Huli’ became ‘Alimayya’. It was a super duper hit in the industry.
Give up egoistic nature one could succeed in life is the humble address of N Kumar to the industry colleagues.


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