Posted date: 29 Tue, Jun 2021 12:07:45 PM
In the Kaliyug I have seen a ‘Deva Manava’ – daughter in law of the prestigious family of Karnataka Netkalappa stated months ago. The daughter in law of Netkalappa family mentioned that she heard of ‘Deva Manava’ coming to earth in the tales told by her grandparents. This has happened by looking at you she pointed.

The person referred to is Good Samaritan Arjun Gowda who cremated over 100 unclaimed bodies at the Corona crisis time. The daughter in law of Netkalappa family handing over a van to convert as an ambulance blessed the young actor turned ‘Samskaravantha’ Arjun Gowda.

Arjun Gowda hailing from a middle class family was closely watching his father, an employee in the Social Welfare Department, doing work. Inspired by his father, Arjun Gowda showed his ‘Manassu and Manushyatwa’.

Actor of ‘Drushyam’ Kannada film and ‘Waav’ as hero, Arjun Gowda has really done a social service that gets him the title of his yet to release film. He has been selected for one Tamil film and a Telugu film is likely to come up for him.

Arjun Gowda considered his task as one of the roles he is playing in reality. An NGO association first supported him but the ambulance was taken back soon. Later Daughter in law of the Netkalappa family supported him with a van.

From his earnings from his Gym and Pub Arjun Gowda did not ask anyone for support from anyone and went ahead meeting the needs of downtrodden people.

He travelled interstate, met parents and with proper documentation conducted over 100 plus cremation at Giddana Palya, Tavarakere, Banashankari and Kodlu Gate places. Arjun Gowda never disobeyed the government rules but kept on doing his task.

Arjun Gowda started this noble service when he had Rs.450 in his pocket. His friends came forward for help. In the Covid first season rice bags were handed over to the needy. Ratan Lal was behind this charity. Later in the second wave 750 oxygen concentrators came up from a Silk community he recalls.

Arjun Gowda did not stop after cremation. He took the urn of 70 persons and travelled to Kashi to immerse it.

The social service of Arjun Gowda reminds of real life Trivikrama Mahadeva in Bengaluru. Mahadeva cremated over 78000 unclaimed bodies and won state award for his work. A film on Trivikrama Mahadeva was made in Kannada in the year 2009. K Parthasarathi directed this film titled as ‘Samskaravantha’. Sanketh Kashi played the lead role of Samskaravatha in it. 

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