Posted date: 08 Mon, Aug 2022 09:27:36 AM

On the eve of the Varamahalakshmi Day three mothers – Smt Meenakshi, Smt Umadevi and Smt Lakshmamma with co producer Dr Nischita released the trailer of the film ‘Gubbi Mari’ looked different event on a rainy day in Bengaluru at Kalavidhara Bhavana Dr Ambareesh Auditorium.

Dr Nischita, an ayurveda doctor, was looking for a subject of this standard to indulge in film production. This is a good contribution she feels because on the ‘Hennu Bruna Hathye’ the film focuses strongly in the direction of Madhu Dakkanachar.

Kamarottu Checkpost producer Ananda Babu of AP production on his new film says it is both educative and entertaining.  

Popular character actor Sunder Veena penned the screenplay and dialogues for this film. He has been a ghostwriter for so many works so far. This is not a children`s cinema, the children have made such an attempt that elders would know from them he felt. For cinema his entry makes him feel very proud.

Gubbi Mari ...Gatakalada Benki Arade Ulidide as caption is the debut direction of Madhu Dakkanachar. This film has messages from children to elders, he says. In the television field doing various programs considers Sunder Veena as his Guru. All those who love ‘Henmakkalu’ would like this film, he says.

Madesh releasing partner, Master Chinmayi, Master Vishwa, Sanjay, after eight years popular child actor turned major today Sindhu returns to acting with her child, Chandru, Priyanka a transgender, Upendra of Uttar Kannada, Chandru of comedy Kiladigalu and others are in the cast.

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