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This has nothing to do with the evergreen Guru Shishyaru of 1981 directed by HR Bhargava. This is the latest edition of Guru Shishyaru surrounding Kho Kho sports – protagonist famous actor Sharan is Guru and he has 11 Shishyas who are trained for Kho Kho game competition. Of course there is comedy sentiment and exciting moments in the direction of Jadesh.

For the song launch of this Sharan Laddu Cinema and Tharun Sudhir associated film at Sheraton Hotel Dr Ravichandra V graced the event to release the song ‘Aane Madi Heluthene….sung by Harshika Devanath and Vijayaprakash. This song is penned by Puneeth Arya and features Sharan and Nishwika Naidu.

Releasing the lovely song of the film ‘Guru Shishyaru’ that has composition from Ajanish Lokanath, Dr Ravichandra stated that one does not look after his film properly and does not succeed in the profession. Sharan and Tarun Sudhir are examples of good friendship and how they have guarded the film deserves success. They have belief as an undercurrent in friendship. Sharan has a multi talented personality and girls falling in love at first sight is not possible but there is a hero in him. He has the strong capabilities in this profession and his growth is appreciable, said the crazy star.

On Tarun Sudhir turning emotional remembering his father Sudhir a veteran actor, Ravichandra stated that he grew up with such senior actors in those days.

Puneeth Arya recalled that there is a good writer in Tarun Sudhir and he had taken 30th version for the final composition of the song.

Ajanish Lokanath, Sharan, Tarun and director Jadesh`s conversation for making the songs video shown was interesting. Ajanish Lokanath hell bent on making a mass song but he finally agreed for a melodious song.

Director Jadesh disclosed his admiration for Dr Ravichandra and how he was entertainment for his village when there was only radio and tape recorder.

Sudhakar is cinematographer, Anand Audio Shyam described that his company is lucky to get crazy melodies like this one. Sharan Laddu Cinema poster came up and without asking the Anand Audio label is compulsory he mentioned.

For us Dr Ravichandra is a golden hand. This is the 2020 tale and film today after rigorous work. Tarun, remembering the Ranadheera film of Dr Ravichandra, turned emotional because this is the film that gave a breakthrough for his father Sudhir. Tarun also told the dialogues of his father on this occasion in that film.

Nishwika Naidu is Sooji, a village belle in the film. I am not having a village background in my upcoming years but it was a good learning experience, she said.

Sharan son, lovely star Premkumar son and Bullet Prakash son are also actors in this film.

Sharan, producer and actor in this film, disclosed the moustache tale and how he was keeping away from acting. For me how I am with my parents, I am similar in front of Ravisir. This industry gave me work to gain experience, I am just returning to it. ‘Guru Shishyaru’ will be a new kind of experience for viewers, he promises. 

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