Posted date: 12/November/2009

‘Gurukula’ the ancient system that is still fresh in the minds is dominant period of life. This is where the adolescents are taught earthly knowledge and effects are spread across later. This is found in ‘Adhi Parva’ of The Mahabharatha where in Upamanyu, Uddalaka and Veda get right upbringing from Dhaumya Maharshi.

Finding one such from the pages of history writer JM Prahallad has added some more nuances to meet the present day and accommodate the film to the universe. JM Prahallad has included the Prakruthi Prema, Jeeva Bhaya and Athma Samyana that are all time issues of this universe.

Sunil Puranik an actor and director in small screen is making debut in big screen from ‘Gurukula’. Guru and Shisya parampare how it was in the past is his intention to explain it to the present generation. This is set in the mythological pattern and the credit for this film goes to JM Prahallad says Puranik. He has brought out values to surface from this film. He wishes to compete with this film in the international level.

Master Sachin who plays one of the three says he has been able to learn the ancient system. The language was different here and I have also sung for the film says Sachin. Saurabh Kulkarni says the dress code, language was difficult ones yet it was happy working. Master Sameer Puranik son of Sunil Puranik also a television actor thanks for such a nice role.

PKH Doss is the cameraman and Mysore Gopi has scored the music. Srinivasa Prabhu is the mentor of the three children. Ranjitha Suryavamshi, Ravikumar, Samrudh, Dhananjay, Pradip, Srinivas Kemthur, Dhanaraj, Abisekh, Shivakumar Aradhya and others are in the cast.

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