Posted date: 15/February/2011

The hit pair who have given 25 successful films in the past a record in the history of Indian cinema – V Ravichandran and Hamsalekha on a single platform on Monday morning at Prasad Recording studio premises are returning back after seven years. They have come to terms in ‘Ondagona Baa’ a film by producer Rockline Venkatesh in the past. The title was also so fitting for the two giants joining together.
In the rejoin title is ‘Narasimha’ a remake of ‘Simha Rashi’ of Telugu. Hamsalekha addressing the media says he has concepts to suits crazy star for 25 more years. We understand each other so well even today. In the last few years V Ravichandran has touched on very sensitive issues in his subjects. For any music ‘Viraha and Preethi’ are important. One thing what I understand is that there are lakhs of fans who are happy with our combination. I have been given a welcome in the ‘Raja Beedhi’ by V Ravichandran.
Hamsalekha singing one of the six songs he is scoring for his pet V Ravichandran ‘Narasimha’ – Langu Lagamilladha ….Koncha Nungiro….Adiddhu Marethu Hogthiro…. Says it is an attack on corrupt society. The six songs are in variety promises Hamsalekha.
Going a step ahead Hamsalekha stated that he is interested in directing a film for Ishwari Pictures. I wish to direct V Ravichandran. That is my dream of 40 years he says.
We have perfect understanding. We decide on the songs not by discussing but talking to hearts explained Hamsalekha. I am music and Ravichandran is glamour plus talent. Good time has begun he says with a huge smile.

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