Posted date: 15/August/2008


We remember the freedom fighters of our nation only on particular time and day. To remember the father of nation Mahatma Gandhi the grandfather of actor Mahesh Gandhi – Ponnuswamy has given a new permanent thought long ago.

We caught up with such a unique family member Mahesh Gandhi on Thursday evening at the audio release function of ‘Sanchu’ at Green House restaurant. Mahesh Gandhi plays the lead role for the first time in a thriller called ‘Sanchu’.

Recalling his family background on the eve of Independence Day Mahesh Gandhi says his grandfather thought of keeping the name of children in the family the freedom fighters names. Mahesh’s father name was kept as Gandhi, paternal uncles are named as NEHRU and Anna Dorai. The only sister of Mahesh Gandhi is named as Mahalakshmi while his name Maheshkumar. G was cut short to Mahesh Gandhi by his grand father.

Mahesh Gandhi feels proud with such a grand father. A physical trainer today in his profession Mahesh Gandhi’s father was a national level wrestler in 1982-84.

A handsome guy Mahesh Gandhi is 6 feet and 1 inch in height. He appeared in small roles in Dharma of Darshan and Thirupathi of Sudeep. The first break of hero he got from ‘Sanchu’. He was called for villain role by director MD Kaushik but after knowing his ability he was pushed to the hero role.

Mahesh Gandhi has been a trainer in Malleswaram Club, IBM, Trinity Health Park. He is now contemplating on expanding his business by booking the apartments in Bangalore.

A soft spoken stylishly bearded Mahesh Gandhi has also signed ‘Hasire Usiru’ Kannada film that will be produced and directed by B.R.Keshava.

Jai Mahatma Gandhi, Jai Mahesh Gandhi.

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