Posted date: 27/May/2011

A week ago actress Mythriya was arrested by traffic police for violating the guidelines, she was asked to come to police station twice in a month, actress Bipasha Basu was detained today by the income tax officials for not filing tax returns and in the sunny afternoon in Bengaluru actress Harish Raj was arrested. Harish Raj is also director.

The reason for arresting actor cum director Harish Raj is cheating producer K Murali of ‘Gun’. The proceeds earned from the television rights Harish Raj utilized without informing the producer. This money was supposed to go to producer K Murali. He filed the cheating case. Today afternoon Harish Raj was arrested by High ground police station when he was vacating the house in Sampangiram Nagara.

Harish Raj lost heavily from ‘Kalakaar’ and he made second attempt ‘Gun’. He lost even from this joint production. The film was running in Santosh theatre was vacated and he staged a drama to create commit suicide climbing the top of Santosh theatre. The film ‘Gun’ was released once again at Anupama theatre. It crashed once again.

At this time producer K Murali became very alert. He produced the documents signed to the police station. Harish Raj complained of threat on his life. Finally Harish Raj was arrested by High Grounds Police station.

In the evening Harish Raj was released on bail. Harish Raj complained that he was threatened with a big stone to kill. Whatever charges he is making is all lies. For TV rights issue he was aware. He wanted everything under Harish Raj productions. Once the film has failed in the box office he is creating all false charges says Harish Raj.


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