Posted date: 3/February/2009

Like the old adage in ‘Ooru Idda Kade Holageri Irlebeku’ – there are credits and debits in the accounts of Kannada cinema history.

The current one the depressing fact is that the closure of morning show of Pramod theatre (situated next to Prasanna) on busy Magadi Road for want of audience to the Kannada film ‘Meghave Meghave’. Perhaps this is for the first time in the history of Kannada cinema.

The film ‘Meghave Meghave’ that went up in the air to release the audio of the film in the last year is now lost in the battle of box office. Imagine the busy locality of Pramod theatre cancelling the show of ‘Meghave Meghave’! This is a major blow the Kannada cinema industry.

According to Secretary of the Exhibitor sector of Karnataka Film chamber of commerce Mr Thomas D’Souza the development of yesterday – Pramod theatre cancelling the show of ‘Meghava Meghave’ is shocking and puts the entire Kannada industry in dismay. As per the rules of Cinematography Act the film could be called off in the middle of screening for technical fault and even if the attendance is two or three audiences in the theatre the show must go on.

Explaining further on the condition of a theatre in such case Thomas D Souza says the minimum of Rs.200 towards the electricity the exhibitor incurs as a show demands 20 units of electricity. The requirement of electricity units is up to 30 in the case of posh theatres he says. Out of 850 to 900 theatres in Karnataka there are 600 theatres on regular basis and rest are semi permanent and temporary theatres. There might of have been cases of shows cancelled that have come to our knowledge but yesterday development has come to the record says Thomas.

‘It is very disappointing’ agrees Thomas D’Souza. The last year films of newcomers and reputed stars going away from theatres like wild wind have cautioned everyone. There is a grave need for workshop and introspection the KFCC is thinking at this stage said Thomas.

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