Posted date: 11/January/2010

The stalwarts in cinema Dr Vishnuvardhana and light music, composer, singer Dr C.Ashwath were given home by Press Club of Bangalore on Saturday evening in association with the Kannada cinema journalists.

Speaking on this Music-Mathu evening on the chilly evening the veteran actor Srinivasamurthy recalled his association with Dr C Ashwath and Dr Vishnuvrdhana. He said at the Palani shooting of ‘Aptha Rakshaka’ Dr Vishnu had told that this will be his last film. I objected to his feelings but some how he was bent on his feelings said Srinivasamurthy. Dr Vishnu is two and half years younger to my age but he was senior actor to me by six years stated Murthy.

Coinciding the demises of two veterans the top actor Srinivasmurthy sung a meaningful song Kannu Muchchuva Munna….Kan thereyiranna…..

Velu of Lahari Recording Company present at the PCB to condole C.Ashwath and Dr Vishnu deaths said the singer of excellence Dr C Ashwath sung when he was in ICU at Columbia Asia. Tharavalle Thagi Ninna….he sung and shocked the doctors Veluji recalled. The prominent actor of Kannada cinema Dr Vishnu has a long association and his Mahakshatriya was produced by Lahari Recording Company. The song of that film Yee Bhoomi Bannadadha Buguri….is evergreen song said Velu in his short speech.

The prominent singers like Dr Shimoga Subbanna, Sangeetha Katti, Manjula Gururaj, MD Pallavi, Archana Udupa, Mangala, Kikkeri and troupe were present to give musical tribute to the departed souls. Dr Ashwath compositions and Dr Vishnuvardhana film songs were sung on that evening.

The general secretary of PCB prayed the god not to give such ‘Shraddanjali’ meets in this year for the Press Club of Bangalore.

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