Posted date: 9/December/2010

Producer Ganesh new film the debut of his brother A Jagadish was launched on Wednesday morning. Titled as ‘Maaya’ is based on the script and dialogues from Rajendra Karanth has the inspiration of a television reality show.

According to producer Ganesh this is the first film under Gowramma Productions. 30 minutes of the film will be in graphics and Nagavalli type of character is here in this ‘Maya’ from Maya Loka explained Ganesh.On a particular incident we worked on the script. It is a film in a film.

Hero is Ravishanker, director in the film is Ramesh Aravind he has four assistants, producer in the film is Raju Thalikote. Horror, comedy sentiment plus the climax of the film are interesting pointed Ganesh.

The ‘Maya’ role is in the range of ‘Nagavalli’. I was interested from a long time to take up direction disclosed director Jagadish.

Ramesh Aravind leading the team there is Daisy Boppanna, Farah Khan actress of 21 Telugu films, Priyanka Chandra and one more selection is in progress. Raju Thalikote is the producer and he wants his son to introduce as hero. The son role is played by Ravishanker of Silli Lalli fame.

Ramesh Aravind with the get up of a director – long hair and new beard just below the lower lip wearing a cap sitting next to Daisy Boppanna said he has found himself lucky whenever he worked with first time directors. Jagadish not only keeps looking at direction but also other activities that are very important. Working with Rajendra Karanth for the third time I am happy and so is with Ravishanker.

This will be in the Idhu Sadhya format not Sh…. There is horror and humor. Writer and actor Rajendra Karanth has written his second script for the film once the star cast added he thought of including more elements to the characters. This is nothing but ‘Horror and Humor’.

We are keeping away from the clichéd format of narration. Either it is extreme or low in narration. The belief in Rajendra Karanth is that only script is not just enough. The related artists should be selected. That is what happened for this ‘Maaya’ says Karanth. Like how Harbhajan Singh hit a century that is a surprise let this film also click hoped Karanth.

Music director Rajesh Ramanath has liked the interest of the director Jagadish. When the director shows lot of interest and encourage we can give good results. Jagadish is a cool and silent buddy stated Ramanath.

Daisy Boppanna after hearing the script got confirmed no one has tried out this kind of film so far. There is a homely feel already and one could give performance from inner heart she stated on this comedy cum horror mix cinema.

Priyanka Chandra is playing a negative shade in this film. Ravishanker expressed that it is a very happy occasion to work with actor cum director like Ramesh Aravind.

Looking very sexy Farah Khan actress of Telugu films thanked the first opportunity give to her in this film.

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