Posted date: 9/September/2008

The right hand of former Prime Minister H.D.Deve Gowda, the sitting MLC of JDS Y.S.V.Datta admitted that he is a defaulter to the extent of Rs.50000 to Vijaya Bank, Residency Road branch. The admission of YSV Datta surprised the film media on Wednesday when he had come to clap in place of former chief minister H.D.Kumaraswamy.

The loan what YSV Datta had taken dates back to three decades. He had taken the loan to invest in the film ‘Benki’ (starring Pramila Joshai, Mukyamantri Chandru) directed by Dr.Baraguru Ramachandrappa. Out of affection and respect towards Baraguru for venturing in to a film Datta took loan and the production cost in 1978-1979 was not as expected. Some more money had to be raised. Datta had to adjust money to his sister marriage in the house and he could not clear the loan amount at Vijaya Bank taken for the film production purpose. The most unfortunate thing happened was that the film ‘Benki’ was given ‘A’ certificate by the censor and it won awards at the state level. Now Baraguru asked Datta to wait for the subsidy amount from the Karnataka government. The wait for subsidy lasted for more than 10 years and the Doordarshan telecast of such award films was another hope to get some money to clear the loan for Datta. As it was ‘A’ certificate movie the Delhi Doordarahan in the regional hook up promised to telecast in the night time (for this Datta used HD Deve Gowda influence). Even that also consumed more time. On the other side the amount at Vijaya Bank shot up. Another shock in the waiting for Datta was the film could not be released in the theatres and it had to remain in the cans.

The money Datta earned from giving tuition to students in Rajajinagar and Vijaya Bank loan invested amounting to Rs.2 lakh plus has not come back. The loan in his name at the Vijaya Bank is not yet cleared.

It is like putting the money to the ‘Fire’ – the meaning of ‘Benki’ said Datta cursing his fortunes.

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