Posted date: 13/January/2009

With new crown in professional life ‘Action Star’ and ‘Chikkappa’ in personal life Srimurali is in tension and fear. I had not such fear earlier. It is because of the very good talk of the movie ‘Shivamani’ and the scale of publicity made. I am feeling frightened says Srimurali. For my earlier films not so much of publicity was done.

At this point of time I would request the media and audience to come to the theatre with blank mind. There is enough of freshness. Keep my earlier work separately and have a look at the film and give a good support to very humble and caring producer SJP Creations.

Hopes and expectations are high. Support is the only saving element feels Srimurali.

Actress Sharmila Mandre the treat to watch heroine on screen is very glad on the over all turn out in the making of the film. She feels this film will be a good one from the point of sentiments and love.

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