Posted date: 24/May/2010

In the last decade and half I have worked with young directors and achieved my selfish motive. The young blood has the new inputs that I derive for my film – this is one way self. But it is for the film pointed the pride of Malayalam cinema industry Mammooty addressing his first media conference in Bangalore. The strategy what I maintained in Malayalam has happened here in Kannada. The concept of ‘Shikari’ is great and I would work to the trust said Mammooty.

The four languages – Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil and Hindi films actor has added one more language Kannada to his career of 360 films.

As reported already in www.chitratara.com a week back Mammooty is playing a software profession and a freedom fighter role. He has already appeared for two days shooting in a private apartment and came to the Atria Hotel on Sunday afternoon to address the media.

Recalled his association with Kannada films and literary works, mentioned Dr Raj, Vishnu and Ambi films he had seen in his life. He made a right statement that the culture of both the states is close. Yakshagana is what is seen in Karnataka and Kerala he remembered.

Feeling kush for close proximity between the two states he remembered his participation in meaningful art and commercial films that is very strange. Availability is the duty of actor to fresh demands he expressed.

Pointing to the emotions he said he also get angry sometime. Most of the times I am myself! You can expect anger from me informed Mammooty.

Mammooty was felicitated on his entry to Kannada cinema. A Mysore Peta, Shawl, garland and number of bouquets were presented to him by different Kannada film personalities.

Producer of Shikari K Manju, director of the film Abhay Simha, cameraman Dr Vikram Srivatsav, SV Rajendra Singh Babu, Thara, Aditya, Mohan shared the dais with Mammooty on Sunday afternoon at Atria Hotel.

Watch for more reports on ‘Shikari’ in www.chitratara.com

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