Posted date: 28/January/2011

At the first felicitation after announcement of ‘Padmasri’ award from the Union Government Dr Girish Kasaravalli stated that he can do only ‘Puliyogare’ not ‘Biryani’ and I am ‘Alpatruptha’.
I was not excited with the award like how I get excited when awards for my films are announced. But today evening ‘Atmeeya’ felicitation is something memorable for me. In the last six months I lost Bahaddur, my wife Vaishali and S Ramachandra my right hand. I remember all of them now at this juncture.
I would say the award belongs to the entire Kannada cinema industry. When I went back I felt there are many deserving personalities in Kannada cinema industry and right recommendations are not made by the government of Karnataka in the past. Dr Vishnu, GV Iyer, Jayanthi etc are all deserving candidates I feel.
This award I am not considering it as an individual award at all. For my belief this award has come. When Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam and even a Canadian invited me to direct in their languages I said firm no and I explained I want to remain in Karnataka and do Kannada films. Drawing his attention on the Kannada cinema industry Dr Girish said we are not poor in the talent. I wanted always the land and language to focus.
The present generation should cultivate the habit of discussing their scripts with colleagues. When I and TS Nagabharana were working the giant like BV Karanth used to ask suggestions and narrate the script. That type of environment should cultivate and ‘Chitra Samooha’ is doing that work to some extent noted the top ranking director.
I do not use the words of ‘Vyapari Cinema’. The film I make I see to it the money is assured for my producer. What is needed is that the films of our type should be available in the border areas.
Reacting to the suggestion of Ashok, cinema workers federation President it is not right to stop the subsidy. It is like oxygen to many quality conscious producers.
For the fellow colleagues Dr Girish suggested that the Hindi and Tamil need not be our followers. We have giants of the past to learn and educate ourselves he observed. When the films like Boothayyana Maga Ayyu, Kasthuri Nivasa and others were made the land and language was given prominence to make a good cinema. That’s all he noted.
The humble Dr Girish Kasaravalli stated he is like a wave and not a sea. I want catch the wave and for that I am a contented personality.
Dr Girish Kasaravalli was honored with a shawl, jasmine garland, fruit basket. The other wings of Kannada cinema industry garlanded the legendary Dr Girish Kasaravalli.
The Karnataka Chalanachtira Directors Association President MS Ramesh, KFCC President Basanthkumar Patil, Cinema workers federation President Ashok, Producers Association President KCN Chandrasekhar, Dwarakish, Ramesh Aravind were on the dais at the felicitation of Dr Girish Kasaravalli.

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