Posted date: 28/June/2010

Dr B Saroja Devi has come forward to give Rs.1 crore for the welfare fund of the needy in the filmdom and asked the government of Karnataka to deposit the same fund for the welfare on Sunday morning at the maiden ‘Dr B Saroja Devi National Award’ in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavana. ‘Bereyavaru Eshtu Kodtharo Naanu Ashtu Kodakke ready’ announced Dr Devi.

Dr B Saroja Devi is ignorant on the government announcement in the last budget. The state budget in the last year set aside Rs.50 lakhs as welfare fund of cinema industry.

Male biter Dr B Saroja Devi declared that she would not give this annual award to any actors and search for only female deserving ones. If I don’t get anyone from the cinema artists fraternity (as told by Ambarish) I would see deserving ones in the dancers and workers sector and pick three awards for one lakh each she pointed in sound words like ‘Kittur Rani Chennamma’.

‘Naanu Irli Ildhe Irli’ the annual award should go on like how it went on today. My ‘Thamayya’ Ambarish should come every year. Honoring my ‘Thaayi’ Anjali Devi is my ‘Punya’. This Saroja Devi seeing the acting prowess of Anjali Devi, Jamuna and Harini came up in life. Other wise I am big zero. I am eating ‘Anna Saaru’ today. Yavathu Hogtino Gottilla. When I lost my husband on April 24 1986 I thought for any work we should not say tomorrow. My children do not curtail my freedom. They say ‘Amma’ you do whatever you want from your money. Namage Ajji Rudramma given property is enough. I am honored to get such children pointed Dr Devi.

After Dr Devi spoke like this Ambarish before the vote of thanks said to Devi that she would not get this selection once again. This is the first and last. Even you use telescope you would not get artists like ‘Anjali Devi, Jamuna and Harini’ said Ambarish who was asked to speak later by first speaker among the recipients Smt Jamuna as he is junior. Ambarish folding hands went back to his seat thinking that all the three put together would not take much time.

To the surprise of Ambarish Jamuna speech consumed more time and it was the best one according to him. The popular artists have seen money, fame and comfort in life. There is no harm in such artists coming to politician was immensely liked by Ambarish. He said I know the truth of this statement. For more than hour speeches made by veterans Ambarish joked that he would speak first when such elders on the dais from the next time.

Jamuna in her address demanded that person of good heart like Dr B Saroja Devi should enter politics in the interest of social service for which Dr Devi folded her hands from the seat giving negative response.

The Karnataka Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa was in a hurry. He disclosed his love towards the films of the four actresses of yesteryears. I had the madness to se all the four artists’ cinema in my younger days. Some of the films I have seen twice said BS Yediyurappa.

Speaking on the good thought out event BSY said he is ready to do whatever asked by the Kannada cinema industry.

Author and scholar Mathur Krishnamurthy in his speech highlighted that Rs.70 lakh has come so far for Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan towards benevolent fund to conduct this kind of felicitations and honors.

The jam packed attendance at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan audience went down the memory lane when the four yesteryears achievers Dr Saroja Devi, Jamuna, Anjali Devi and Harini old photographs and clippings of their films were screened. Even the Karnataka chief minister patiently watched this 20 minutes visual presentation on screen.

Actress Jayanthi, Kanchana, Dr Jayamala, Meena with her husband, Sumalatha, Sudarshan and Shylasri, MN Lakshmi Devi, Hema Chaudhary, Doddanna, Padmaja Rao and others were present at this event.

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