Posted date: 01 Wed, Dec 2021 09:15:50 AM
It is very rare to find a convincing and appealing short film with talented actors and technicians off late. Susmitha Sameera production in Flickering Studio is an exception. It is terrific in content picked by Flickering Studio as producer, marvelous in presentation by director Prasanna and lovely performances of ‘Diya’ fame Khushi, Sidlingu Sridhar and Dr Seetha Kote.

I Kshana is an up to date and top quality short film. The reach in the social media in two days ‘210 K’ is itself an indication. Golden Star Ganesh released the teaser of this ‘I Kshana’ at Conardo Hotel in Bengaluru and blessed the team of Susmita Sameera, Prasanna director of the 16 minutes short film and topnotch cinematographer today Mahendra Simha showed his excellence.

What is all about I Kshana by Flickering studio that presented ‘Dear Bhargava’ in the past? It is about the generation`s thought process filled with a good lesson that is a realization. The father and daughter conversation is the most appealing factor and this is what we see in most of the families.

Known for his dialogues writing Prasanna MV had written fine dialogues for this short film and directed. Srikanth SH editing and Jubin Paul provided the background score for a neat family topical short film.

Jayanthi Coffee of Chickmagaluru has come as support for Flickering Studio of Susmita Sameera. The beauty of this combination is that for a cup of coffee the clash between the father and daughter picks up in this ‘I Kshana’.

Well done Susmita Sameera and Flickering Studio team, it is about topical issues and a study before taking up a project is what gives this kind of interesting short films.
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