Posted date: 30/November/2010

I have suffered Barjari 5.5 crore losses from ‘Eno Onthara’ starring Golden star Ganesh. He did turn up for the promotional activities right from the day of release. I have knocked his door 20 times. I have to owe only Rs.5 lakhs. Rest of Rs.95 lakh payment is made on time says Chandrasekhar.

What does he want from Ganesh now – I want free dates and some concession in the payment for another film so that I could bail out to some extent from the losses.

What he intends to do if Ganesh does not give the call sheet? I will sit on a dharna with my family members in front of his apartment.

Why Ganesh did not turn up for promotional activities? The director of the film ‘Eno Othara’ is Mussanje Mahesh with whom he has quarreled in the ‘Cool…Sakkath Hot Maga’ case. The case went to KFCC and he is upset with Mussanje Mahesh.

Is it because Ganesh is upset with director Mahesh producer ‘Chandrasekhar’ film should suffer? Partially true! When actress Priyamani has taken part in the promotion of the film Ganesh has not taken care of his film. On humanitarian grounds he should have come and Rs.5 lakh cheque is bounced only for three times. When Rs.95 lakh is given why an actor should bother about Rs.5 lakhs?

What is the present status of Rs.5.5 crore invested producer Chandrasekhar? He has pledged the lands towards the loan. It is a complete suffering for him. On the whole he is losing Rs.4 crores. The first week share all over Karnataka is just Rs.40 lakhs. The television rights and audio rights is another income for the producer.

Who is Chandrasekhar, producer of ‘Eno Onthara’? He is in the industry since 30 years and produced some of the big films. The last film of his was ‘Bindhaas’ starring super power star Puneeth Rajakumar and Hansika Motwani.

Was there any problem in that film? Puneeth Rajakumar dubbed his portions with balance of Rs.50 lakh due to him. Knowing the magnanimity of the icon Dr Rajakumar son producer Chandrasekhar adjusted the standing money in his name and gave it within one week.

What has to be done now to get the actors for promotional activity of their films? A new written agreement is possible. The KFCC and Kannada Film Producers Association are contemplating on it.

This new binding on actors would solve the problem? It helps in projecting the film and surely it would help in the initial draw of the film.

On Monday night media address by producer Chandrasekhar financier Niranjan and producer RS Gowda were also present to extend moral support to him.

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