Posted date: 28/May/2010

Who said only Ragini or Vijay are only dashing and swashbuckling? Even the character artist Bullet Prakash is also dashing and honest. They strip the clothes on their body but Bullet strip even the extra tastes he has cultivated in his life the other day at get together on the release of ‘Ithalakkadi’ at The Bell Hotel.

I explain all Rasaleele and wrong doings in my life to my wife Manjula. I am trust worthy and honest. Here is what Bullet Prakash said one by one sipping Brandy like water, puffing cigarettes and munching the soft corn flake that is soaked in onion and lemon.

  • I will come to politics. I use the backdoor. I make money and buy a home. From Rs.100 I make I spend Rs.50 to the people. See what V. Somanna today. He was caught as thief in Janatha Bazar. He is now worth crores. How this money comes. In today’s politics those who pack peanuts and kallepuri have become politicians.
  • I lost elections three times. Lost heavily but saved at the last minute when the house came for auction. That is Mani who runs an oil refinery factory in Kumbalgod. He gives me cash whenever I ask. A few days ago he adjusted Rs.5 lakhs.
  • There is another friend Mahesh Babu who gave me courage and money in difficult days for bread and milk. He made a forecast that I will do good name.
  • I am not that educated. Passed 10th standard and first year electronics I was debarred when I tied the practical’s paper of my class mate. 13 subjects I failed. My father was asked to come to the college. The principal debarred me.
  • ven before his usual 12 pegs Bullet spoke like real bullet oozing out from the pistol. He had the aversion. He had the aspiration to good by undue measures.
  • He exposed himself and that way he claims he is honest and truthful. I drink, smoking 60 cigarettes now given up to gutka that is available in black market. For Rs.10 packet I give Rs.25 and consume 10 packets every day.
  • With a few pegs inside his ‘Hande’ size Hotte Bullet remembers William Shakespeare – ‘Make an attempt but don’t miss to make an attempt’. I follow this. I am trying from my chaddi days. I was one among the 300 kids in ‘Shanthi Kranthi’.
  • I am 33 today. My wife Manjula, Amma, daughter Monika Varshini and son Rakshak Sena are leading happy life.
  • Politics Anna kithokothu and Cinema Anna Kodthu. There is lot of politics in cinema too.
  • I am giving education to two persons already in my life and if I win from ‘Ithalakkadi’ I would give education to 10 persons.
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