Posted date: 25/February/2011

Coming back from major accident director N Om Prakash Rao agrees completely that ‘Cottonpet’ is ‘Bereke Soppina Saaru’!
I have told at the ‘Huli’ launch that I would not do like that. But what happened to that film? It is Rs.2.5 crore losses. I am wondering whether I have made a mistake to the talent of actor Kishore. Why such a good film did not run? Even the media supported the film so well. Such questions have made me to make a remix to the Kannada audience.
It is not that I have given straight subject films. AK 47, Lock up Death, Simhada Mari and others in my 25 plus films were straight ones and it was talked in the entire nation says Rao.
I don’t see anything wrong in doing a remix. I am openly declaring and doing it. I am not like others. I have done such remixes in the past. Nowadays producers ask me over phone and ask whether so and so film could be bought for remake. That is because I would have picked the important scenes. I got a call from producer K.Manju. He asked me whether I have taken the contents of Tamil film ‘Shivakasi’. I said you can go ahead. Rao without mincing words explained.
Om Prakash Rao was visibly upset when he was asked on his health and what was the support he got to meet the medical bills - Rao taking this question recalled a few persons saying ‘I have become impotent, I am finished in life’. In just one month and 20 days I came to the sets of ‘Prince’. Doctors have advised me for six months bed rest.

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