Posted date: 20/August/2010

It is almost a debut for muscular Appu Venkatesh as hero and his father Revanna as villain. Appu Venkatesh the prominent trainer to Annvru and his sons Puneeth, Shivanna and Raganna has made his physique look very strong for this ‘one day’ Kannada cinema.

It is all about the eradication of poverty and disturbance to the poor section in the film ‘One Day’. It is not similar to One day chief minister of ‘Nayak’. The 63 years old man as villain fed up of system takes up social cause and utilize the power of the hero Appu Venkatesh his son.

Appu Venkatesh played second hero in ‘Premigaagi Naa’ and later kept aloof for something concrete. He has made a concrete subject and his physique too look like concrete. Appu Venkatesh disclosed 3000 ‘baskis’ he was doing for one year and six months to make his body look very strong. There is one song, two lovely action scenes. Different Danny has composed the action blocks in this film.

Naveen who makes debut says in one day anything can happen. The plus and minus is possible in one day. He has kept the recent flood of north Karnataka in the film as the base. He has working experience in the camp of Om prakash Rao, PN Sathya, Kiran Govi and Srinivasa Raju.

Revanna the happiest man because with huge experience of over 50 years experience on stage he is appearing with his son Appu Venkatesh. He was in to socio, mythological, folk and historical plays appeared in small role in Kannada film ‘Nyayakke Shikshe’. The social atrocities are dealt in this film says Revanna. He has appeared for four days shoot. The 7 to 7 shoot of director Naveen was described as ‘Gandha Thaida Hage Thaidhu Bitru’ by Revanna.

Krishnaswamy is the producer of this film; he is into architectural field of business. The film has been completed in 18 days time.

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