Posted date: 21/September/2008

The Karnataka Sidhu alias former deputy chief minister Siddaramaiah is not the one we are referring to. It is well known ‘Sixer’ Sidhu of the Indian cricketing fraternity now giving non stop laugh widely opening his month patting the tables in comedy shows the speedster in talking too Navjoth Singh Sidhu we are pointing to. He has liked the script narrated by Kannada film director Hemanth Hegde and in two days time he will be giving consent to act in his first south assignment and pocketing Rs.5 lakh for one day shoot in ‘House Full’ Kannada cinema. He is appearing with his current image and speaking a few lines in Kannada.

Another achievement the Maverick Production in its first venture in Kannada is pocketing is that the world’s tallest statue of the world’s best comedy actor Charlie Chaplin will be erected on the beach side by art director Chetan. This will enter the Guinness record books. A student of CAVA eight years ago art director Chetan in his debut is making hectic preparations to catch the attention using the sand, stones etc. Partly it will be plaster of Paris and it is a tribute the giant of comedy says Hemanth Hegde.

Shooting in Jungle Park near Ramanagaram for four days the unit of House Full leaves to Sikkim and Goa to shoot the song portions. There are many 420’s and 840’s in this cinema that is full of comedy and fun. The fear in the mind of director Hemanth Hegde whether he is going to meet the statement he has made that the film is 100 percent comedy and 0 percent bore has gone now after seeing the rushes.

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