Posted date: 5/October/2010

It is very rarely the director is a hero material. In the case of Indrajith Lankesh the flamboyant director it is different. He looks good, works efficiently and delivers what audience and media wants in a stylish way.

Hitherto seen waving hand or just a minuscule presence in his presence dexterous director Indrajith Lankesh is now seen in a complete song as promotional one for his film ‘HH’ for Sandesh combines.

With colorful girls luscious in outfits the international standard song in which the ever shining Indrajith Lankesh appears was screened to media on Monday night at Sandesh Kingston Sandalwood hall in Gandhinagar Bangalore.

Style is the substance of this song. Indrajith Lankesh take up interesting roles is what the media felt after watching song.

Jai Ho….Indrajith Lankesh! Meanwhile the song is very well executed on screen by ace cameraman Santosh Rai Pathaje and Indrajith Lankesh besides practicing for the film the editing he arranged for this song is exceptionally good.

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