Posted date: 2/November/2010

Every drop of hat Kannada Film Industry is calling for Bundh. The other day it was against the radio channel and now against the violators of rules and regulations.

In common sense the violators are punished but in this case punishment is taken. What happened to Kannada Film Industry – these are the statements we hear from other language people.

They are true to some extent. What is needed is the strict punishment. Agreed! But why take punishment we are left to ask for Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce people.

Now the recent operation is giving 30 days time and asking the violators to mend their ways. Other wise the punishment is Bundh of every activity of Kannada cinema industry.

Coming to the demands put forth by KFCC – channel bosses should give in writing that they would not telecast dubbed Kannada films. Every film released in every corner of Karnataka the KFCC should know about it. Multiplexes should give preference to locals. Violators of KFCC rules – K Vijayakumar, Basha, Mohankumar, Prakash, AUM distributors, PVR Basavaraj, R Ganesh executive committee member of KFCC should face the strictures and apologize.

Nothing works out before November 30 indefinite bundh of Kannada film Industry says Basanthkumar Patil for which directors association MS Ramesh, cinematographers association JG Krishna, Producers Association KCN Chandrasekhar, Karnataka Television association B Suresh nodded their head.

In case the bundh happens and artists association does not support our cause such actors films would not be given cinema workers to shoot.

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