Posted date: 14 Thu, Jul 2022 09:00:20 AM

The show must go on small and big screens. The small screen has grown too big in all respects and the greeting of the small screen has overtaken the big screen collectively. 

The small screen actor saying three Namaskaaras now Golden star Ganesh comes as show conductor ala ‘Showman’ in Star Suvarna reality shows ‘Ismart Jodi’. The first episode of ‘Ismart Jodi’ is on air from 16th July 2022 – It is on Saturday and Sunday from 9 pm to 10.30 pm.

Apparently this is the first reality show with a celebrity couple. There are no judges. After completion of 26 episodes the winning couple would get Rs.10 lakhs. This one surely connects the families. From just married celebrity couples to 40 years old, celebrity couples have taken part. There are 10 celebrity couples in each round.

Golden star Ganesh continued with a smile addressing the media on Wednesday afternoon from the sets of ‘Ismart Jodi’ at Rockline Studio. We have shot for three episodes and this one is creating a lot of curiosity for me. After five episodes the elimination starts and the yardstick for elimination is decided on the basis of marks they earn.

According to Prashanth of Star Suvarna Ismart Jodi is seen in other languages of the television channel and it is coming here with a new format and outlook. The viewers should feel that there is something of their life. This is taken care in the selection of celebrity couples, he adds.

Well known actor Varsha (remember her Nenapirali film) connected to the production says Pixell is producing this and Ganeshji is face of the reality show. Usha Gowda is in the execution team. Sudhir is cinematographer of this ‘Ismart Jodi’ on Star Suvarna.

The title song is composed by ALL OK.

ISMART JODI contestants are – Jai Jagadish and Vijayalakshmi Singh, Richard Louis and Harriet Louis, Suman Nagarkar and Gurudev Nagaraja, Disha Madan and Shashank Vasuki Gopal, Pratheek Pro and Moulys Shree M, Puneeth J Acharya and Sriram Sullia, Raghavendra R and Vidya Shree, Impana Jayaraj and Ajith Jayaraj, Sapna Dixit and Ashwini Dixit. 

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