Posted date: 28/January/2011

Very often said that the supporting character artists do not have support! The big stars make farm houses, purchase acres of land, cultivate in it, build houses and they do not have worries even if there is no film.
Here is one such supporting actor on big screen shot up to fame from ‘Mungaru Male’ in a small role – NEENASAM ASHWATH who has been a model figure.
Neenasam Ashwath has invested Rs.70 lakhs plus on three and half acres of land bought 35 cows getting 500 liters of milk every day and selling it to Nandini subsidiary of Karnataka Milk Federation.
I spend the free time at least 10 days a month in the farm near Mandya district I have built a small house to live there and It is a happy progress says happy looking Neenasam Ashwath who had come to the muhurth of ‘Adwaitha’ on last Monday morning.
My intention is to add at least 30 cows a year and utilize the earnings in proper direction says a talented actor Ashwath.
Ashwath has so far acted in 50 plus Kannada films and 20 plus television serials so far in his career.

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