Posted date: 9/November/2010

Action King of South Indian cinema with Kannada origin Arjun (Sarja) is back to Kannada cinema after 10 years. With him are two top names also getting first entry are Minissha Lamba and JD Chakravarthy the actor cum director from adjacent Andhra Pradesh.

The film ‘Contract’ Kannada version was launched on Monday morning whereas the Telugu version was launched in August end this year. Mallika Sherawat is there in both the versions.

On Monday morning director Sameer (assistant director of Upendra, Priyanka and Celina Jaitley ‘Srimathi’) who is the producer of Telugu version of ‘Contract’ according to reports reaching said the Kannada film ‘Contract’ will be dubbed to Telugu. Ramachandra Raju who is co producer there is the actual producer here in Kannada.

What is this confusion Telugu and Kannada ‘Contract’? There was no reply from the team!

However Arjun is coming back to Kannada after 10 years gap. He was seen in ‘Sri Manjunatha’ and last year he produced a film and appeared in a guest role of ‘Vaayuputra’ of his nephew Chiranjeevi Saraja.
Arjun plays the business tycoon. He admits the role is according to his image. I have not done this kind of role of business tycoon in the past he says. This is also a triangular love story explained Arjun.

JD Chakravarthy the actor director is making his debut in Kannada is here because his four films assistant Sameer is directing the film. The approach and dedication of Sameer has brought me here he says. JD also worked with Arjun as director. There was pressure in the work with him he mentioned. Arjun became alert and said what kind of pressure. JD in a confused state mentioned the pleasure of working with him.

JD has the magnet of business tycoon Arjun in him and how they clash in the film in high style is the interesting screenplay film says JD.

Producer Ramachandra Raju is a contract businessman and the title suits him aptly. The script and two top stars working in this film would give great results he says. This will be definitely best of Arjun he feels.

Sameer does not know the Kannada language. Cinema media is an expression media knowing the language is not very important JD Chakravarthy answered on behalf of Sameer. Sameer had written down a few lines in Kannada and told the same before the media and it was nothing but thanks giving to Arjun and JD.

The maximum portion of the shooting will be held in Malaysia rest of the portions in Mysore Lalith Mahal Palace, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Bangkok.

Johny Lal is heading the camera department. He has so far worked for 120 films. For a series of Saiprakash films he was the cameraman.

Why the spellings change for contract as ‘Kontract’? Why English film title to a Kannada cinema? There was no convincing reply from anyone of the team.

Later we came to know Ramesh Bhat name listed in the invitation card is not aware that this film is going on the floor!

The media went with doubts in the mind not clarified.

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