Posted date: 27 Wed, Jul 2022 10:12:26 AM

The pre release event of ‘Vikrant Rona’ on Tuesday night at the Lulu World Mall witnessed a massive crowd turning up and the visibility factor irked the fans but the event filled with joy and touching moments.

Real star Upendra, chief guest on the occasion, preferred to call at pre release that it is ‘Victory Rona’. He analyzed the mammoth crowd wave for the film and said he is ready in the later years to direct Kichcha Sudeep. Upendra danced for the ‘Ra Ra Rakkamma individually and later he joined Kichcha Sudeep, Nirup Bhandari, dance master Johny, music director Ajanish Lokanath again.

An AV of Upendra was displayed on the screen. Looking at the whistle, applause and roar of the audience, Upendra said such a mammoth mood would make the artist live for fifty years more. Kichcha Sudeep wanted to become a director in the initial days but you are six foot plus tall good looking and should become a hero. He is a super star today.

Yash starring KGF took the entire nation to its side and I hope Vikrant Rona reaches a worldwide audience. It is not Pan India but it is Pan World cinema stated by Upendra. From the film ‘Buddivantha’ he delivered the dialogue and cheered up the crowd. For this Victory Rona, Upendra asked for the party. The present situation is too good. I would watch the film by buying the ticket said Upendra. I wish to see the crowd in the cinema hall, he pointed.

Later Upendra was greeted by the regional manager of Lulu World Mall. 

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