Posted date: 9/June/2009

Jaggesh became very emotional collected tears handed over the mike. That was when he remembered what his mother had told pointing to his brother Komalkumar. Jaggu nin thammanna bennige hakkolo Jaggesh recollecting at his brother in law produced and Komalkumar in lead role ‘Chamkaisi Chindi Udaisi’ audio release dropped silence in the auditorium.

Komalkumar is like my son not brother. He is the only intelligent in our family. Think very different and he is ‘V Ravichandran cousin’ in his thoughts said Jaggesh on the caliber of Komal. Namgella Vidye hatlilla! We all banked on him. LLB distinction holder he is. Cinema aase antha Banda Nanna Ganda small role maadi he was showing Nann Channagilva….I told him at that stage don’t come to cinema. You have to bring vegetables and mix the drinks in the night. You are intelligent I said but destiny brought him here.

If I am a god I will keep my brother who is son to me on top. He has made me to act in a small role in ‘Chamkaisi Chindi Udaisi’ to keep up the tempo of the film.

Jaggesh agreed that he is ‘Swarthi’. But Komal is not like that. He has given prominence to all in the film ‘CKCU’. Looking at Ashok Kashyap the actor politician said do not fix a boundary of one or two films a year. Your angle and camera work is good he patted.

On the disaster of Kannada film and lack of audience Jaggesh expressed deep concern and looked back to his days of ‘Collection King’ title days. Films made in 9 lakhs were giving share of Rs.5.5 lakhs in one week in my time. Haadhi Thappidhe Hali Thappidhe he said.

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