Posted date: 21/February/2009

All round support for the first lady President of Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce was heard even in the Federation of cinema workers office on Friday evening.

This is our house function. It is bounded duty to shut the mouths and work for the good success of ‘Amrutha Mahotsava’ was unanimous opinion.

The Jatha was called off from Belgaum to Bangalore via Hubli and Mysore, the 15 days holiday was declared at that time and what would be the contribution of cinema workers federation 5000 members no one thought. Then instead of just clapping for whatever done we have arrived at this five days event and this has got nothing to do with 3 days mega event at Bangalore palace for which we have extended complete support says Ashok and Ravindranath of Okkuta.

We have aversion to only one channel dominating. The event management is given to others. Our cinema workers could have been used for the erection of sets. National award winning art director Shashidhar Adapa is working for cinema workers stage next to Dr.Rajakumar Samadhi. But nothing could be done because money is primarily important. We are tied up. When Jatha was cancelled we were not informed but as declaration was already on we had to go with 15 days holiday said Ashok.

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