Posted date: 03 Tue, Aug 2021 11:36:08 AM
With two and half years of slogging for the film in the cans `Jeevanane Nataka Swami ` is all set to release on August 19 says debutant director with very good experience in theatre play direction Raju Bhandari Rajavartha.

The film song Kaddu Muchchi Nodabeda Kanase Nanna Kadabeda….sung by Sriharsha Sarigamapa champion was screened at Sri Renukamba Digital theatre. Kiran Raj of Kannadathi fame and Sriharsha are lead actors in this film. Pavitra Kotyan and Anika Ramya are counterparts of this film by Lalitha Rajashekhar Shirahatti and Ashwin Anand Kumar in maiden production.

The thread for this film story is from the Mahabharata director with vast experience on stage play direction. It is a pack of comedy, tragedy, scrutiny and emotion – what happens in the end is the climax.

The story line is mixed with reality shows – Sathya and Asathya are tucked, Jeevnane Natka Sami took part in the America, Calcutta, London festivals. There is a small message too in this. How you look at your life proceedings is discussed, says director Raju Bhandari Rajavartha.

Smiling, handsome hunk Kiran Raj with loads of popularity from `Kannadathi`says this is not a full fledged role for him. The film narration is the hero according to him. There is a beautiful message. I play the assistant director role with ups and downs. We should listen to what our mind says is the nutshell of this film according to Kiran Raj.

A Mysorean, college professor leaping into the profession of music in his life, Sriharsha looking very good in his debut is well known from `Sarigamapa`music program in small screen. A talented singer with his team to flourish further in the profession played the role that is very close to him. I am like how I am in real life. He addresses the media. Some of the `drama junior` children are part of this film. According to him `Nemmadi Mukhya` is what his role depicts.

Pavithra Kotyan is in a negative role – taking the right decision at the right time is the essence of her role. Anika Ramya in the role of Sneha balances happiness and sorrow.

Producer Rajashekhar Shirahatti running multiple businesses liked the director concept. He had thought of releasing the film one year ago. Now the time has come from distributor Deepak Gangadhar. August 19 the film hitting the silver screen is his happiness. 
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