Posted date: 15/October/2009

once again director Dinesh Baboo faces the wrath! In the past it was from producer Rockline Venkatesh but today from
another Kannada producer K Manju. Reason - Dinesh Baboo showed scant respect for the film 'Ballari Naga'.

Dinesh Baboo avarige Thale Sarigilla. Several times I telephoned he was giving one or the other excuses. Besides this
he has not come to production work.He has not taken care for the production work. Enough is enough! I am not going to
give another chace to direct in my banner producer K Manju made it very clear. He has no behaviors. He takes commission
from other artists and he is in need of money always. What is wrong with this Dinesh Baboo questioned K Manju.

'Namage Bekagilla Dinesh Baboo' I would say to my colleagues said K Manju.

The synchronisation of producer and director I have seen from a long time and it is only now I am not seeing the
good relation after the film is made Dr Vishnuvardhana who was upset with Dinesh Baboo also joined K Manju. There
should not be any cultureless attitude in cinema making. Rectifying the mistake and going in right step is the only
way. Dinesh Baoo is well versed in so many issues. He is an educucated one and good technician. I feel Dinesh Baboo
has to come back to his old style felt Dr Vishnuvardhana.

I have seen 'Hengaleyara' manassu in K Manju. He may ask me one day to give job to director Dinesh Baboo. Manju is a
soft guy. But his connections are different. I have caught him thrice with someone in his car Dr vishnuvardhana


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