Posted date: 25/May/2010

The stormy actor on silver screen who is cool as cucumber in real life son of a poor farmer Ravi Kaale is taking a new turn in his life. He is back to his ancestor’s profession of agriculture and using the organic (Savayava) method for giving nice atmosphere via plants and trees on 45 acres land near Poona.

The screen ‘Shivarasan’ the tough cop on screen Ravi Kaale has decided to divert his attention to agriculture with organic manure on 45 acres of land. Kaale was enthusiastic when he describes his lifetime ambition. For the sweet Roti (Obbattu) he mixed the hot Gojju and consuming it under the huge tree at Bangalore Palace on a sunny Monday afternoon.

You ask questions in English Kaale replies in Hindi and admit that he is not that aware of English language and prefers to speak in the language he knows well.

I am sitting under this tree and consuming good air and shelter. I don’t know who built this tree. Like this I want to grow ‘Ped’ in my land and give fresh air. God has given me in excess in life. For this mother land I should give something he expressed in a chat.
I have acted in all major languages and stage is also my main forte he thanks his fate for good happening in his life.

My retirement and service on my land that is affected with drought has already begun. Akshay Tritiya day is my birthday. I drove the tractor on the 45 acres land made a beginning. In two to three years time I will be seeing good cultivation. That will be the end of my film career too says Ravi Kaale. When I become old and start working on the fields there is no point. When I am strong I should take up cultivation he feels.

Punching dialogues and neat handling of roles is a boon for this actor. Ravi Kaale feels proud of all his films. Now producers and directors call me for the right roles. I deliver the goods to my fullest he says.

The 72 kilo weight Ravi Kaale says he knows how to cut down his over weight. He is always around 70 to 72 when cop roles come. He has one daughter studying in 9th standard in Mumbai and another daughter is studying in class 3. I have a happy family he mentioned in a chat.

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