Posted date: 12/March/2011

The inordinate delay in start up of the function tested the patience of every one. The one hour forty minutes delay had repercussions for final round of entertainment and cultural programs.

  • For the procession in the morning many artists could not make it because of lakhs of people. The vehicles did not move and some of the artists stayed at their lodge.
  • Upendra, Ganesh, Puneeth, Shivarajakumar, Jai Jagdish, SV Rajendra Singh Babu, Dr Leelavathi, Lahari Velu, Vinod Raj, Gurukiran, Hamsalekha, Brahmavar, Tennis Krishna, Biradar, Naveen Krishna, Nagkiran, Spoorvi, Ajith, Tarun, Tarun Sudhir, Vijaya Raghavendra, Murali, KFCC members, producers sector were seen at the procession.
  • The small screen artists came in two buses. Small screen program is scheduled for 12th of March 2011.

  • The impact was seen much on the Kannada artists, technicians. They were inside the ground at the back of the stage in the makeup room.
  • The stage was not easily available to Kannada cinema artists even at 12 am – most of the residents of Belgaum gathered in huge number had left the place and then the Kannada cinema industry cultural feast started.
  • Hamsalekha had to indulge in a friction with folk singers when they were using their portion of time.
  • ‘Naaven Hajamara’ Hamsalekha told the talented folk singers and asked them to get out and free it for Kannada cinema industry.
  • This in fact disturbed folk singers Narayana Swamy, Janni, Pichchalli Srinivas, Gollahalli Shivaprasad, Appagere Thimmaraju and others. From one hour they reduced the singing to 20 minutes. That is because the Kannada and culture minister Karajola getting up from his seat came to the dais to send the folk singers.
  • Hamsalekha came in the desi style, his wife, son Alankar were seen on the dais. Alankar coming in mythological costume was bit shocking because there were many potent actors.
  • After the Ganesha and elephant make up arrival on stage immediately Shivarajakumar came to address the crowd. Puneeth Rajakumar and Ramesh Aravind brought some more life to the cultural program.
  • From 12 am till 2 am Kannada cinema artists performed in the direction of Hamsalekha – Nammabhimana-Chandanavana. For half an hour there was laser show till 2.45 am the program
  • When Kannada cinema artists program was going on Ambarish was seen in the side wing.
  • The situation for some more Kannada artists was very bleak as they could not get inside till 12 in the night. Sa Ra Govindu came with a bus full of cinema industry people late in the night.
  • The situation of Dr Jayamala and Umasri was still pathetic. They were asked to stay at hotel room of Sankam. From 5 in the evening they waited till 12 in the night.
  • It was Thomas D’ Souza who took the responsibility was not available on phone. Finally to be a part of the cinema industry cultural activities Dr Jayamala went in the car of Umasri.
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