Posted date: 31/December/2009

The ‘disease’ called flops to any film industry has not left the Kannada cinema industry this year too. Lack of good script, commitment, seriousness, grammar of film making doomed the prospects of Kannada cinema industry like the last year.

Out of 122 films released – four more than last year the filmdom has registered 10 percent success in the hits and average hits category. There is not even one mega hit in this year is a depressing display of Kannada filmdom. 106 films out 122 Kannada films are washout in the box office.

What is notable with the completion of 2009 is that one decade from 2000 to 2009 is coming to an end (we will give 10 tops of decade later on).

Besides the major development of Amrutha Mahotsava of Kannada cinema held for three days in March the controversies took more time in this year as every Kannada artists was in wrong news for something or the other. A new wave has not come to Kannada cinema from this year and so no remarkable year for the cinema industry.

When we take a look at the films that faired well and could be considered as super hits are 5 – Ambari, Junglee, Yee Shathamanadha, Savaari, Eddelu Manjunatha come under the hit category.


The hits are 10 - Venkata in Sankata, Kannadadha Kiran Bedi, Josh, Thakkath, Yodha, Chamkaisi Chindi Udaisi, Yodha, Raj The Showman and Manasaare.


From the poor show made by the Kannada cinema industry the position of black cheetah was good in the last year. Junglee, Thakkath were good in collection and Devru was less than average in collection after initials. Sudeep had one release in Kannada ‘Yee Shathamanadha Veera Madhakari’ that did well in the box office. He was busy in Hindi films. Sudeep starring ‘Phoonk’ did good news. Puneeth Rajakumar ‘Raj the Showman’ the biggest expectation film that collected 25 crores in 50 days making the producer and distributors happy. The other film of Puneeth Rajakumar ‘Ram’ a remake was released in the last week of December 2009.


The current sensation accepting spate of films Yogish Ambari was the only success. Preethse Preethse, Yogi, Ravana, Mr Painter fared badly.


Raghu Mukerjee, Srinagara Kitty and Jaggesh have reasons to smile as ‘Savaari’ and ‘Eddelu Manjunatha’ did well and got good reviews. One was a remake and other one was original Kannada film.


From ‘Yee Shathamanadha Veera Madhakari’ Ragini is the heroine of the year undoubtedly. Next is Supritha for her performance in ‘Ambari’. For the presence and average success Aindrita Ray from Junglee, Vaayuptra and Manasaare get a comfortable going.


This is the year not even one film of Ramya got released yet she was very much in news for wrong reasons at the time of ‘Jothegara’ press meet and ‘Just Math Mathalli’ shooting. This year had only one release for Puneeth Rajakumar that is made with lot of gimmicks and style ‘Raj The Showman’.

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